What’s in December’s Powder Pocket Box?

I recently signed up to Powder Pocket, the new business of Connacht Rugby player Michael Swift which allows women to sample various products (some of them Irish) without actually spending a fortune.

Today I got my very first,  beautifully packaged box, containing various samples of products. For €12 I received cleansing foam, perfume, serum, tanning lotion and a makeup brush.

The package I signed up to is the rolling subscription of €12 per month, but once Christmas is over and I’ve got the money, I’ll most likely sign up to their 6-month or 12-month subscription.

Powder Pocket products come in a beautiful black box.

Powder Pocket products come in a beautiful black box.

I won’t go into the details of the business itself here, but if you’re curious, you can check out this post I did for the Galway City Tribune a few weeks ago: Rugby Beast turns to Beauty.

Basically, Connacht Rugby player, Michael Swift noticed that so many women spent a lot of money on full-sized products just to try them out, and then barely used them again. Taking inspiration from this, he decided to create a subscription for women who want to test products before buying.

The box is packaged with care and it’s clear that the Powder Pocket team put a lot of effort into preparing their launch box. In fact, it is mentioned more than once in the first issue of Powder Pocket’s quarterly Blush magazine, that the team had more than one late night working on it.

Their work certainly paid off.

Powder Pocket

It’s the little things that count – like a beautifully presented package in the post.

Products in this month’s Powder Pocket box:

  1. Shiseido Extra Gentel Cleansing Foam: A creamy lather that gently lifts and washes away impurities without taking away the skin’s moisture. This is recommended for all skin types. I’m looking forward to testing this one as I often find cleansers can leave my skin feeling quite dry.
  2. Hugo Boss Jour Pour Femme: I don’t wear much perfume but I do love it, and I’ll be testing this one out today. Apparently it was created to evoke the feelings of the first light of day and has an elegant, refined composition created to reflect composure, elegance and inspiration.
  3. Vichy Idealia Life Serum: There are eight little sachets included in the box, encouraging subscribers to try out the eight day challenge which was completed by some of the Powder Pocket staff. This serum contains an exclusive combination of powerful ingredients which repair the visible impact of your life on the skin. I’ve read what the staff members thought of it and look forward to seeing if it brightens up my complexion.
  4. Academie Bronx’Express: I never actually wear fake tan, but I might test this one out over the Christmas to see what it’s like. Its an award-winning self-tanning lotion and was the first on the market in 1961. It produces a natural, even tan and lasts up to three days.
  5. Blank Canvas Cosmetics F22 HD Dome Face Brush: This is a multi-purpose brush which can be used to apply foundation, cheek blush or contour application. It can apply liquid, powder or cream products and is ideal for buffing cream or liquid foundations into the skin.
Powder Product

The products in this month’s Powder Pocket box.

Also included in the box was the aforementioned Blush magazine, which contains interesting information each of the products in the box, as well as useful tips for applying tan, the staff opinion on the Vichy serum, makeup tips and the top five brushes every girl should own, as recommended by leading make-up artist Roisin Derrane.

The service itself is excellent and you can customise your profile to receive products that are suited to you specifically.

When you create an account, you have the option to fill out details on your skin type, skin tone, hair colour, hair type, how you like to get your nails done, how you like to do your makeup, and more, so the Powder Pocket team can adjust their sample boxes to suit you.

I look forward to using the samples in my first box. Keep a lookout for some reviews right here on Beautiful Health. You can do so by following me on Twitter (see below) or by liking my Facebook Page, Beautiful Health.

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5 thoughts on “What’s in December’s Powder Pocket Box?

    • It’s great, and as you can see from the photos of my box, the products you get are very good too. And this is only their launch box so I would imagine they will only get better as they gain more followers 🙂

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